Classic Racing Simulator Cockpit Seat - Pro Series


With solid steel construction, the cockpit brings you a whole new level of comfort. The pre-drilled mounting points provide compatibility with most major wheel and pedal brands including: Logitech, Fanatec, Thrustmaster and more. The comfortable reclining seat offers smooth forward and back glide of 180mm (7.1″) providing ample legroom. An easy-grip crank handle allows the seat to be adjusted from 30° to 90° for the best driving position.

RRP : $698

Exclusive to Harvey Norman


Product Category : Racing Simulator Cockpit
Rank : Standard
Weight Capacity : 35kg(77lbs)
Screen Size Fit For: 27"~55"
Frame Type : Fixed Frame
Frame Materia : Steel
Frame Surface Finish : Powder Coating
Frame Color : Fine Texture Black
Dimensions : 550x1300x1100mm
Steering Wheel Panel Tilt Range : +25°~-35°
Pedal Panel Tilt Range : 0°/15°/27°
VEST Compatible : 100*100,200*100,200*200,300*200,300*300,400*300,400*200,400*400
Seat Type : Reclining Seat with PVC Leather Cover
Seat Width : 450mm
Seat Gliding Track : 180mm
Seat Back Tilt Range : 30°~90°
Cable Management : Yes
Accessory Kit Package : Normal/Ziplock Polybag
Instruction Manual Included : Yes
Gross Weight : 24.2kg

Please note : Specification, features are subject to change without notice, please contact your local dealer for further details.